Professional Biography

Lancaster County Treasurer since January 2019

  • Chief custodian of the County funds, safeguarding County monies. 
  • Tax enforcement officer for Lancaster County. 
  • Responsible for the billing and collection of property taxes. 
  • Accountable for the disbursement of payments due to subdivisions. 
  • Provide motor vehicle services to County residents.
  • Participated in the successfully software implementation that modernized the State’s DMV system.
  • Employed an easy-to-use Appointment System allowing constituents to avoid lines to process their motor vehicle transactions.
  • Restructured and updated personal positions to better service the public.
  • Currently working with a new vendor on implementing a service for credit cards and online payments for the beginning of next year with generally lower processing fees.

University of Nebraska- Lincoln for over 25 years, working in the Office of Student Accounts.

  • Responsible for the monthly student billing process and collections.
  • Efficiently designed, set-up and maintained student account assessment processes. 
  • Developed student financial procedures, train and evaluate staff. 
  • Responsible for understanding bankruptcy laws and other federal and state laws pertaining to student accounts, Perkin Loans and short-term loans. 
  • Analysis, coordination, and report development for student accounts receivables.  
  • Responsible for coordinating testing of changes made to the systems and troubleshooting problems encountered. 
  • Developed unique processes/programs to compensate for features not in the student information system for student financials. 
  • Serve as the Student Accounts liaison to the Information Services technical staff.


Graduated with a BS in Business Administration from Nebraska Wesleyan University

Get to Know Rachel

I was born in New Jersey and grew up in Nebraska. I came to Lincoln to go to college and graduated from Nebraska Wesleyan University with a degree in Business Administration. I married but it didn’t work out, so I came to know what it is like to be a single parent raising my son, the struggle of raising a child while developing my career, the choices and sacrifices that must be made because I valued spending time with my son over going back to school to advance my career.  My family has always been so supportive, and I am very thankful for them.  

Fast forward to today, I am happily married 17 years to my husband, Jim Garver, currently serving on the Southeast Community College Board of Governors. Between us, we have three grown sons. We own a home in central Lincoln and our fourth “son” is four-year-old rescue dog, Theo. He is our pride and joy and a bit spoiled.

In my free time, I enjoy reading, I am into Genealogy, and I love gardening. I practice Yoga, daily meditation, and prayer. I love following most genres of music most especially American, Blues, Jazz, Folk and Chamber Music. My most favorite thing to do is to be with family and close friends.