Rachel Garver for County Treasurer

Campaign Platform

Continue Strong, Transparent Leadership 

My vision for the County Treasurer’s Office:

Values each employee;

Acknowledges friendly, accessible, competent customer service starts at the top;

Respects taxpayer resources by being accountable to the public;

Listens to the public and the civil servants dedicated to serving them;

Staffing needs to reflect the diversity of the community it seeks to serve.

I brought my 25+ years of experience from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln Student Accounts billing and collections. I have utilized my B.S. in Business Administration from Nebraska Wesleyan University to make my vision of leadership a reality at the Lancaster County Treasurer’s Office.

I am dependent on your vote to continue to bring strong transparent leadership to the County Treasurer’s Office.

Champion Technology to Better Serve the Public

As County Treasurer, I research best practices and current technology to maximize taxpayers’ resources and streamline services. In my first year, I fully embraced the State’s new motor vehicle software upgrade. I dedicated a staff member fulltime to the development phase of the Statewide project. All other staff members participated in the rigorous testing and training, helping to ensure successful implementation of the modernized State’s DMV System.

Lancaster County was selected out of over 700 counties nationwide to participate in a test pilot project with the National Association of Counties and VISA. The purpose was to study the impact of expanded digital payment options at the county government level. The realized benefit to Lancaster County was the increased use of digital payment options by taxpayers saving taxpayer resources. I am collaborating with staff to continue to find ways to increase the use of online digital payments.

I have learned that many of our older adults are genuinely concerned that all governmental services are going digital, leaving them dependent on children and grandchildren to help them access these services. I am committed to easing the transition to a digital world so that older adults and others can continue to do business with traditional hard copy documents, if they so choose.

The bottomline is our world is changing. The digital world is here, but with it comes cyber-security concerns. I will continue to keep abreast of these changes to ensure the integrity of the public’s personal information.

I am counting on your vote to continue bringing the County Treasurer’s Office into the 21st Century.

Ensure fiscal and ethical integrity in the County Treasurer’s Office

Ensuring fiscal and ethical integrity were the main reasons, I chose to run for the County Treasurer’s Office. 

I am serving as the County Treasurer working to create change on the local level.

My Methodist minister dad and schoolteacher mom raised me to be honest, have integrity and embrace my intelligence – something little girls growing up in the 1960s and 70s were not always encouraged to do. Based on my rock-solid background, I bring transparency, a dedicated work ethic and a strong sense of responsibility back to the County Treasurer’s Office.

I will need your vote on election day to continue to make it so.